12+ Github Repositories to Help You Ace Your Job Interview

12+ Github Repositories to Help You Ace Your Job Interview

The word "interview" is frequently associated with anxiety and discomfort. However, with this article's assistance, you may prepare vital tools to brighten up and organize fruitful interviews.

I'll provide you with a list of GitHub repositories that will assist you in preparing for your next technical/coding interview.

1. Coding University Interview

This excellent repository has everything you'll need for a coding interview. It began as the repository owner's study plan and evolved into a study plan for many others. The author is now employed as a software engineer at Amazon.

You'll need a multi-month study strategy to ace any big tech company's interview.

The technique progresses from programming fundamentals through an advanced data structure, system design, and essential computer science ideas.

2. Build Your Own X

Here are some instances of how to impress the employer by developing your own Git, Docker, or framework, among other things.

3. Tech Interview Handbook

This is your technical interview manual. This one was the most well-organized and straightforward to navigate. It also includes advice on how to deal with behavioural questions, which can be tricky at times.

4. How to Secure Anything

The repository is well-organized, and it has a wealth of other resources to support your learning.

5. JavaScript Algorithms

The JavaScript Algorithms repository focuses on JavaScript positions. However, if you understand the principles and know how to implement them in JavaScript, you'll certainly be able to do so in other languages.

Each Data Structure and Algorithm has its README file, which offers links to other resources. As a result, if you don't comprehend a subject, you can always look up more information in the additional content.

6. How The Web Works

You can learn about the DNS, HTTP protocol, server, DOM Tree, Render Tree, page painting, and other topics.

It's an excellent resource for learning the internet's fundamentals. Furthermore, the storage has additional links that allow you to delve deeper into various topics.

7. The Algorithms

Clean, legible code with suitable comments in your preferred language can be found here. The community is fantastic and is quick to reply to any issues.

8. The System Primer

This is a collection of internet-based materials and resources—the repository's owner compiled resources and materials from many sources. Furthermore, the repository is updated regularly, so watch it!

9. Awesome Interview Questions

Excellent Interview Questions is a selected list of "amazing" interview questions that are frequently asked.

In many cases, the interviewer will ask you questions on the programming language in addition to the problem-solving questions. These ideas are crucial, and they show the interviewer how well you understand the programming language.

10. Interview Resources

This repository offers a curated assortment of helpful articles, videos, manuals, websites, books, online courses, and more for anything relevant to technical or coding interviews.

11. Learn Go

This repository is geared toward Go beginners. Before your Go developer interview, you can use this repository to review basic concepts and take some quizzes.

12. clean-code-javascript

This repository is a reference for writing readable, reusable, and refactorable JavaScript code. It's based on Robert C. Martin's Clean Code, but it's been tweaked to work with JavaScript.

13. JavaScript Questions

This is a beginner's level of difficulty. This repository provides many multiple-choice JavaScript questions that can be used to brush up on your knowledge of the language.

I hope you find these resources helpful 😊

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