10 Awesome Youtube channels to learn UI/UX

10 Awesome Youtube channels to learn UI/UX

We've all overheard debates about a product's outstanding 'UX' or a website's awful 'UI' while walking through the hip streets of the world's IT capitals. Is it a code you'll never be able to decipher?

I usually publish a curated list of resources. Still, I recently discovered some excellent YouTube channels for learning UI/UX to aid in the development of your design skills, and I hope you find them beneficial.

Disclaimer: I am not connected with any of these channels; I am simply sharing this information for educational purposes to assist anyone struggling to understand UI/UX.


As a designer and entrepreneur, he is 29 years old. Throughout his career, he led strategy and design for more than 70 firms, assisting them in raising more than $300 million. He also worked as an in-house designer, lead designer, and independent contractor (freelancer), finally growing Mizko Media into a ten-person agency.

Jesse Showalter

Every week, Jesse Showalter posts Digital Design & Web Development videos focused on tools, approaches, projects, and more to assist creative people in creating beautiful things. Subscribe to beneficial training videos if you're an aspiring Web Designer, UI Designer, or Front-End Developer who wants to make beautiful things with pixels and code.


Ran Segall, a designer, and entrepreneur keeps a personal vlog called Flux. On the show, He talks about his experiences as a designer and a business owner, including his successes, setbacks, and lessons learned.


This channel will address UX/UI misconceptions, design best practices and techniques, productivity, and how to improve design and life through numerous life-hacks and routines he employs to keep motivated, calm, and productive.

Cuberto Design

Cuberto is an international company that works with clients from all over the world. In eight years, they have participated in more than 300 projects. This channel shares tips and tricks for UX/UI design, illustrations, and animations.


They are a Berlin-based product design and innovation studio! They often collaborate with some of the world's largest corporations to help them create better products faster.

Mike Locke

Senior UI/UX designer with strong skills in Visual UI Design, User Experience, Usability, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Research & Analytics, XHTML/CSS, and Strategy & Planning. He is recognized as a creative leader with a diverse skillset that includes everything from design to front-end programming.

Saptarshi Prakash

Hey there! This is Saptarshi (a.k.a. Sapta), an engineer turned self-taught Product Designer based in Bangalore, India. In the last six years, he has worked with some of the very well-known startups of India and learned anything and everything needed to create unique experiences for the users. Psychology, Visuals, Motion, Illustrations, Writing, to name a few. He is also an active speaker, teacher, and community builder and has delivered over 70 talks, workshops, and webinars on design.

Punit Chawla

He is an experienced UX/UI designer who hails from India. Subscribe to his channel for videos about web design, user interface design, Adobe Xd tutorials, Figma tutorials, design news, and more! Every Monday and Thursday, he posts fantastic design films.


CareerFoundry is a premier online school focused on teaching the next generation of technology talent. They provide advanced courses in UX Design, Web Development, Data Analytics, and UI Design, collaborating with the top professionals in each sector to develop the most comprehensive learning materials that promise to take you from novice to job-ready (guaranteed) in 6-10 months.

The Futur


Oh, yes. I'm a software engineer that teaches, writes, and builds beautiful apps, but I also have a strong sense of user experience, and I hope you find these resources helpful.


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