How to Get Started With JAMStack

How to Get Started With JAMStack

Olubisi Idris Ayinde
·Dec 11, 2020·

2 min read

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Today I will be talking about JAMstack, why JAMstack, and how you can get started with JAMstack.

What is JAMStack?

Jamstack is an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. It builds on many of the tools and workflows which developers love, and which bring maximum productivity.

The core principles of pre-rendering, and decoupling, enable sites and applications to be delivered with greater confidence and resilience than ever before.

JAMstack is a software architecture and philosophy that adheres to the following components: Javascript, APIs, and Markup as the name imply “JAM”.

Why JAMStack?


Serving pages and assets as pre-generated files allow read-only hosting reducing attack vectors even further.


When sites can be served entirely from a CDN there is no complex logic or workflow to determine what assets can be cached.


Jamstack sites remove the need to generate page views on a server at request time by instead generating pages ahead of time during a build.


No !!! 😊


A pre-generated site, being served directly from a simple host or directly from a CDN does not need a team of experts to "keep the lights on".


Jamstack sites are pre-generated. That means that you can host them from a wide variety of hosting services and have a greater ability to move them to your preferred host.

Developer Experience

Jamstack sites can be built with a wide variety of tools. They do not depend on proprietary technologies or exotic and little known frameworks. Instead, they build on widely available tools and conventions.

What makes up JAMstack?



OLD vs NEW Architecture


you can do it

of course, 😉 let's proceed.

Static Site Generator

you can do it

Headless CMS

you can do it


My Portfolio

Free Code Camp

JAMstack Site



Check out this awesome Repo for amazing resources to learn more.

Its open Source, Feel free to contribute 😊

Thank you.

you can also reach out to me on Twitter.

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