Awesome Hashnode Christmas Hackathon projects

Awesome Hashnode Christmas Hackathon projects

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What exactly do they do at hackathons? build projects right?

I have got awesome projects to share with you from the just concluded #christmashackathon on Hashnode.

There was so many awesome submissions from the Hashnode Christmas hackathon and I find it difficult to keep track of all the amazing projects submitted.

I have decided to create a Repository that curate the list of all the awesome projects and a brief of what each project is all about.

I am pretty sure you will find this useful. 😊

The hackathon #christmashackathon is a way to help developers showcase their skill sets by building.

Benefits of a hackathon

  • Helps to build projects for your portfolio

  • A hackathon could lead to your next job

  • You can win prizes

  • Learn and teach a new technology

  • You’ll network with others like you

👉 The Repository. Feel free to contribute by adding yours.

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉🎉🎉

Big thanks to @sandeep and @fazlerocks for this awesome opportunity given to developers to showcase their skillset by building during the hackathon.

@ikegah_ruth thanks for the guide 😉


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