15 Best Free Public Apis to Use in Your Next Project

15 Best Free Public Apis to Use in Your Next Project


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Hi everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š How are you doing today? I discovered a lot of APIs while researching outstanding APIs that can boost coding efficiency. However, I'll be presenting my top 15 best free public APIs in this article.

Movie Database

Similar to IMDB, this site provides movie and television information. Get information about each title's title, year, Metascore rating, IMDB rating, release date, runtime, genre, directors, writers, actors, plot, awards, posters, and more.


JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition in the browser and Nodejs with tensorflow.js. Using this API, you can predict the age, color, and probable accuracy ratio. Demo projects are placed inside the link.

Google Search

Google search API is rapid and easy to use. There are no captchas, so you can do as many searches as you like. Get search results with links, titles, and descriptions. Check the SERPs and scrape Google News.

Human API

Human API is a platform that makes human health data available through a RESTful web service. We make it very easy to get a human's current or past health data securely. The API offers accessing data types; Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Sleep, Body Fat, Genetics, BMI, Activity, Height, Blood Glucose, Profile, Weight, Location.


Live scores, standings, events, line-ups, players, pre-match odds, and statistics are available for +830 leagues and cups. To make your work easier, we created a basic and logical architecture.

Text Recognition

With ML Kit's text recognition APIs, you can recognize text in any Latin-based language. Text Recognition can automate tedious data entry for credit cards, receipts, and business cards. With the Cloud-based API, you can also extract text from pictures of documents, which you can use to increase accessibility or translate documents. Apps can even keep track of real-world objects, such as by reading the numbers on trains.

Investors Exchange (IEX) Trading

The IEX API is a set of services designed for developers and engineers. It can be used to build high-quality apps and services.


Fetch data from the Spotify music catalogue, manage users' playlists and saved music, get recommendations, control Spotify Connect, and more. Based on simple REST principles, the Spotify Web API endpoints return JSON metadata about music artists, albums, and tracks, directly from the Spotify Data Catalogue.

Amazon Product/Reviews/Keywords

A simple method for gathering basic information from Amazon. Look for products, read reviews, and lookup keywords. Amazon is available in 16 countries, and you may use the country value to search for products in any of them.

Breaking News

News from around the world, as well as information on the most recent economic and financial developments.

Using our extensive web crawling technology, we bring you breaking news from across the world as it happens, as well as information and significant announcements that could help you plan your strategy.


Get all your gifs. The fastest and easiest way to bring the whole GIPHY experience directly to your app is GIPHY SDK. Built with developers and product designers in mind, GIPHY SDK is a top-to-bottom solution for all things GIF in your app. By integrating with GIPHY, the first and largest GIF search engine, you gain free access to our ever-growing content library of GIFs and Stickers, plus brand new features like animated Emoji and Text โ€” featuring the latest in entertainment, sports, and breaking news from GIPHY's official content partners.


FaceRect is a free and sophisticated face detection API. It discovers faces (both frontal and profile) on images supplied by URL or submitted as files and can locate many faces on a single image, producing JSON output with a bounding box for each face identified. Visit apicloud.me/apis/facerect/demo to get a visual demo.

Currency Exchange

Live currency and foreign exchange rates can be calculated by entering the source and destination quotes and the amount to be calculated. Support a large number of quotes from all around the world.

By entering a source and destination quote, a live currency exchange converter will appear.


Get all of the information you need from Instagram.


eCommerce API w/ support for preorders and subscriptions. API-first eCommerce platform for developers & designers Rapidly creates custom eCommerce experiences on web and mobile with our entirely headless platform. Our eCommerce layer handles all the tedious logic for you.

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